Medicor cooperates with highly specialised manufacturers from all over the world and boasts an extensive range of high quality products.

The list below provides a brief overview and does not include all of our products. For more information about our range of products, please contact us at info@medicor.be.


Mindray (CN) is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical imaging systems. They offer a wide range of ultrasound devices for use in various medical fields (urology, vacular medicine, radiology, …). Our supply includes the Resona7 Premium Ultrasound System, the DC-70 Color Doppler Ultrasound System and the portable M7 Color Ultrasound System, and many more.


Cogentix (US) offers a wide range of urology equipment, especially designed to increase treatment efficiency and, at the same time, to lower patient risk. Medicor currently distributes the innovative PrimeSight™ cystoscopies, that employ the revolutionary EndoSheath® technology.


Pusen (CN) brings revolutionary technology to the world of urology with its single-use ureteroscopes. 'Single-use' means no cross-infection, no maintenance and no sterilization, making this the perfect cost-effective and timesaving solution.

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