Medicor cooperates with highly specialised manufacturers from all over the world and boasts an extensive range of high quality products.

The list below provides a brief overview and does not include all of our products. For more information about our range of products, please contact us at


Sidam (IT) is a producer of disposable medical equipment and electro-medical devices. Today, we rely on Sidam mainly for their Medical Imaging products: Thermostatic Cells and tubings for the injection of contract fluid during ultrasound scans.


CIRCA Scientific (US) is an emerging medical device company that develops highly responsive Esophageal Temperature Monitoring systems.


Mindray (CN) is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical imaging systems. They offer a wide range of ultrasound devices for use in various medical fields (urology, vacular medicine, radiology, …). Our supply includes the Resona7 Premium Ultrasound System, the DC-70 Color Doppler Ultrasound System and the portable M7 Color Ultrasound System, and many more.

Nemoto Kyorindo

Nemoto (JP) is a leading producer of Contrast Injectors and Syringes for contrast imaging for which our partner Medicor International is European Representative. Our supply includes the DUAL SHOT alpha 7s, SMART SHOT alpha and REMPRESS injectors among others, as well as the accompanying syringes and accessories.

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